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Whether we’re discussing the importance of situational and self awareness, personal defense tool options, or the use of deadly force, Andréa guides her students, clients, and community members to seriously consider their safety and make informed decisions about the protective tools that are best suited for them. Safety, education, advocacy, quality training, and representation are at the core of the mission of Silhouettes.

Our Mission

Silhouettes Firearms Training provides superior professionalism and exceptional training. For Silhouettes, it is not only about being unique and different as a business. Silhouettes Firearms Training takes pride in being alike with firearm training companies in the industry by intentionally ensuring all students become professionally educated and exceptionally trained to meet and exceed the standards of all aspects of firearm safety and training.

Our Vision

Developing, implementing, and adhering to the best educational and training systems surrounding personal defense and safety in accordance with nationwide and statewide laws and policies. Silhouettes Firearms Training envisions its certified students developing their gun competence, safety etiquette, and self-assurance.

Meet Andréa Williams

Personal Safety Consultant
Founder & CEO, Silhouettes Firearms Training

Andrea Williams is the founder, owner, and lead instructor at Silhouettes Firearms Training, LLC. After serving 14 years in the US Military, and building a non-profit organization in the civilian sector, Andrea continued looking for ways to serve her community. The idea of creating Silhouettes stemmed at the peak of a turbulent 2020 nationwide. Andrea’s instinctual desire to keep her family safe spurred the need to find a training facility and become reassured in gun safety education and training.

The facility she trained at offered the blueprint in encouraging students to visit opportunities of becoming a Certified/Licensed Instructor, as well. In essence, go beyond getting trained—become a trainer. This was how she envisioned serving her community—by giving back the very professionalism and empowering disposition she received in her own training. Silhouettes officially launched in May 2021 and opened its doors December 2021.

Andréa is also a safety educator for Damsel in Defense which has quality products for your defensive needs.

Why Choose Us

As a U.S. Army veteran, she knows the value of training and knowing, taking care of, and trusting your equipment. Equally important is her desire to consistently work on developing herself as a student, shooter, instructor, and business owner.

Andréa’s passion, professionalism, and intuition have allowed her the privilege to collaborate with and learn from some of the best training counselors and instructors in the firearms training industry today.

Andréa has the following credentials to date:

  • USCCA Training Counselor
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • NC Certified Conceal Carry Firearms Instructor 
  • NRA Certified Firearm Instructor 
  • USCCA Certified Firearm Instructor
  • Certified GLOCK Armorer
  • SABRE Civilian Personal Safety Awareness Instructor

meet the team

Range Safety Officers

Chris W.
Range Safety Officer
Alva C.
Range Safety Officer
Tonya R. C.
Range Safety Officer

Our Preferred Range

MOR Gun Club and Range

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